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Gamete Rescue

Life after death is a guarantee we'd all like to have.

Emergencies like accident, sudden death or euthanasia of a stud animal can be extremely costly - but if you act quickly, there are ways to preserve those genetics and recover your investment. Epididymal flushing is a process in which the testes of an animal are processed within 24 hours post-mortem or post-elective castration to preserve the sperm. Even if the male animal has died, sperm stored in the epididymis can be collected in our lab, analyzed and cryopreserved. Those straws can then be used to breed anytime, anywhere.

No matter what happens, you now have a rescue plan.

How it works:

  • 1. Contact us as soon as you can - the sooner the better.
  • 2. Read the instructions below.
  • 3. Remove the testes without damage to the epididymis.
  • 4. Send testes overnight in cooler box to our lab. Samples must be received within 24 hours.
  • 5. We will collect, analyze and preserve the semen, and send you a quality report.
  • 6. We can store the straws for you, or ship them wherever you need.
Instructions For Epididymal Flush Sample
Custom Semen Collection
Your reproductive portfolio deserves the same consideration and planning as your investment portfolio.

We want to meet you wherever you are. You can collect at home using an AI collection kit, or we can come to collect for you. Send the semen to the MPTI lab where we will analyze it for quality and help you get the most out of your product. MPTI generates a customized, detailed report for every sample so you can keep track of what you've collected.

Whether you ship and use fresh or freeze straws with us, collecting with MPTI boosts pregnancy rates and improves sales. Invest in your reproductive resources with the same care as your bank account.
It will pay dividends.

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Fueling Fertility™ by improving post-thaw sperm health!

Bull, buck, boar, bison, ram, or stallion. Whatever you have, we can help.

MPTI specializes in cryopreservation of semen, whether collected by us or by you. Our patented GameteGuard® technology protects sperm during the freezing process, drastically improving post-thaw sperm quality, increasing pregnancy rates, and supporting uterine health.

MPTI will also store semen and ship on request. We provide a detailed report for each sample so that you and your clients know exactly what to expect.

That is The Orange Advantage™.
Equipment Kits

The tools you need to get the job done.

If you plan to collect or inseminate at your facility, or if you are concerned about environmental contaminants, MPTI has created easy-to use kits with equipment and instructions to support your process.

Environmental Sampling Kit
Collection Kit
Insemination Kit

Environmental Sampling Kit

Make sure what you clean is actually clean! Just swab a surface and send it to our lab for sampling. We will send the swabs to you, so you can clean, then swab key locations. Mail the swabs back, and we will culture any bacteria on them. We will identify the type(s) of contaminants and help you adjust your cleaning routine, the type of cleaner or the methods of handling to reduce contamination in key areas!

Small Ruminant Semen Collection Kit

Everything you need to collect your buck or ram at home. Now you can just send sperm for cryopreservation. This kit contains: Artificial vagina, AV liner, AV pump, collection cones, collection tubes, gloves, wipes, lubricant, warming bath and thermometer, instructions

Small Ruminant AI Kit

Use your frozen straws at home! This complete kit contains: rod, sheaths, speculum, lubricant, gloves, instructions, thaw bath and thermometer, straw tweezers, and disinfectant.

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