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Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc.

protecting cells organically

Plant derived solution to improve AI pregnancy rates

Interested in replacing your bull (or stallion or boar) with a straw of sperm? Before you do, make sure the sperm is protected by GameteGuardTM!  Your pregnant females will be a good reward! Breeding trials tell the story.  

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All organic sperm protection

You don’t like to use artificial chemicals in anything and neither do we. GameteGuardTM protects sperm with all natural plant extracts.  Nature does it best!

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Why A.I.?

Artificial insemination (A.I.) is the process of breeding animals with pre-collected sperm instead of using a live male animal. This process has positively affected the livestock industry by improved access to genetic diversity, decreased disease transmission, lowering risk of human injury, and it allows synchronized births.

When sperm is collected it is diluted, cooled or frozen then shipped to the female animal. When it is received it is warmed or thawed and injected into the female. This process causes damage to the cells. Damaged sperm can reduce the chances of pregnancy. Membrane Protective Technologies has developed technology that protects sperm cells and helps the odds of animals achieving and retaining pregnancy.

Who is MPTI?

Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc. is a research and development company that specializes in improving aspects of the reproductive industry. We develop new products including GameteGuardTM and offer custom cryopreservation services using GameteGuardTM research and development on artificial insemination and embryo technologies project based product R&D as well as customized experiments. MPTI’s scientific expertise ranges from andrology to bacteriospermiology and biochemistry to reproduction.

Patented Technology

MPTI’s suite of products (collectively GameteGuardTM) includes patented technologies to protect sperm from the damages of freezing and thawing.

It is the quality of the spermatozoa that most affects fertility therefore when sperm cells are protected, more survive freezing/thawing and those that survive are healthier and more likely to produce an offspring.

GameteGuardTM improves post-thaw sperm quality attributes by 30-50% and improved fertility by a corresponding 10 to 25% in dairy heifer breeding trials.

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