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Who is MPTI?

MPTI is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic scientists who live, breathe, and work in reproduction!

Many MPTI scientists, and our scientific advisory board, have worked hard over the past years to develop a technology that makes breeding using artificial insemination more effective. GameteGuard®, The Orange Advantage™, is the result of robust scientific studies.

We have a team of reproductive physiologists, molecular biologists, microbiologists, veterinarians and specialists in assisted reproductive technologies who focus on research, product development and our 3rd party quality assessment program.

Our Facility

Located in Fort Collins, CO MPTI's facility is in the heart of agricultural and scientific intersections.

Our laboratory is state of the art - we have the latest in reproductive analysis equipment to allow us to analyze sperm, eggs and embryos; we are also equipped to freeze sperm using GameteGuard® Technology.

  • 5-laser BioRAD flow cytometer
  • HT IVOS II CASA (computer assisted sperm analyzer)
  • Phase Contrast Microscope
  • Minitube Semen Filler-Sealer
  • Microdigitcool Programmable Freezer
  • Micro & Temperature Adjustable Centrifuges
  • Freeze Point Osmometer
  • pH and conductive meters
  • Walk-in cool rooms
  • -20°C and -80°C freezers
  • Liquid Nitrogen Storage
  • Bacterial Incubator & PCR
  • Luminometer

MPTI is staffed with scientists of the highest caliber having advanced degrees in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Andrology, Reproductive Physiology, Bacteriospermiology, Veterinary Medicine, Cytogenetics, Animal Husbandry, and Molecular Biology. We also retain business advisors and consultants as part of licensing opportunities in the bovine industry.

Our Origin Story

Word from the President

Our family has been on the same dairy farm in Germany since the 1600's. When my Grandfather left that farm in the capable hands of his brother and came to the US he settled in Minnesota and founded a dairy which is still run by one of my Uncles. While my Dad decided on a different career path, I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time on the dairy and learn this way of life. In addition, I have a passion for horses, and animals in general.
This company allows me to combine my love of science, my love of animals, and my desire to contribute to my family's heritage. More specifically, my background in commercializing a technology from the idea stage to the market ready stage, my knowledge of antioxidants, my experience in sales and my understanding of reproduction are all brought to bear and I feel so blessed to be able to combine all of these passions into one venture!

J.A. (Jim) Herickhoff

J.A. Herickhoff, CEO has significant experience in development, creation, commercialization and growth of a technology and of a company. He has a proven record of growth. For example, he led the growth of the Black Thunder Coal Mine from 18 to 40 mm tons per year and in the process became the world’s largest coal mine.

He has extensive experience inventing, developing and leveraging patentable technology, and sits on the boards of two multi-million dollar companies and three start-up companies and brings this breadth and depth of hands-on experience and knowledge to MPTI

Dr. Lisa Herickhoff

The President, Dr. Herickhoff is a scientist with 10 years of industrial science expertise including antioxidant and andrology technologies. Her expertise in antioxidant technology includes having scaled up the application of antioxidant treatments for produce from the laboratory to an industrial application for the corn industry (Pioneer Corn) and the mushroom industry (Monterey Mushroom; Clean N Ready™ technology) at EPL Technologies, Inc.

In addition, she has significant IP development and protection experience having participated as an inventor or author on over 19 patents and trademark applications.  She is the inventor on 13 patents including those relating to antioxidants and many others relating to sperm, some via her employment with XY, Inc., the pioneer in sperm sexing technology. Scientific sales and small-business development experience helps to round out her suite of skills.