Patented Technology

MPTI’s suite of products (collectivelly GameteGuard®) includes patented technologies to protect sperm from the damages of freezing and thawing.

It is the quality of the spermatozoa that most affects fertility therefore when sperm cells are protected, more survive freezing/thawing and those that survive are healthier and more likely to produce an offspring.

GameteGuard® products and technologies are patent protected in over 5 countries including the EU. These technologies are proven uterine safe and CSS approved.

  • GameteGuard®-FP (boar freezing extender)
  • GameteGuard®-CP (boar cooled storage extender)
  • GameteGuard®-FB (bull 1- or 2-step freezing extender)
  • GameteGuard®-ship (shipping extender)
  • GameteGuard®-FC (goat 1-step freezing extender)
  • GameteGuard®-FO (one-step sheep freezing extender)