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Cryopreservation with Gameteguard®    


Cryopreservation is the process of cooling and storing cells at very low temperatures to maintain their viability.  Unfortunately, the cooling and freezing process damages cells. In fact, cryopreservation can leave more than 50% of the cells damaged or killed.

Membrane Protective Technologies Inc's Gameteguard® protects cells during cryopreservation. Contact us if you’d like to incorporate Gameteguard® into your cryopreservation process.


In past decades diminishing fertility has led to over $300 million loss annually in the dairy industry.

One significant factor that causes reduction in fertility is the damage to sperm during the collection, cooling, freezing, thawing and handling. Damages can lead to the formation of free radicals.  Free radicals are uncharged molecules that are typically highly reactive. Their existence is necessary for a healthy sperm, but too many of them can have harmful effects. Too many free radicals can hurt the sperm's’ ability to move, it can damage the membrane, and harm DNA, all resulting in lower pregnancy rates.

Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc. developed a plant-based semen additive, Gameteguard®, improves post-thaw sperm health and decreases the number of free radicals.

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The following publications document experiments conducted to test the effects of GameteGuard® on reproduction efficiency. The experiments document the positive effects of GameteGuard® on pregnancy rates and sperm health.