Quality Control Analysis

Sperm Quality Assessment

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Information drives value and knowing your male's full fertility potential maximizes your bottom line.

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MPTI provides detailed, extensive and scientifically driven laboratory testing for fresh, frozen, or cooled semen samples

Testing Services
Semen concentrations, motilities, morphologies, DNA integrity, acrosome intactness, mitochondrial function, extender osmolality, extender pH, bacteriospermia,antioxidants and MORE!

Species Specific
Cooled & Frozen Stallion Semen Extender Check

Environmental Testing Kits available for purchase
MPTI’s team of employees is highly technical (2 PhD, 2 DVM, 6 M.S.) having 60 years of expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, andrology, embryology and plant biology. MPTI's Quality Control team is complete separate from the research team ensuring generated data is non-biased.

Determination of Bacteria Presence to Maximize Fertility

Differential plating and accurate identification
Custom Research

Extensive and Accurate Testing

  • 5-laser Flow Cytometer
  • Computer Assisted Sperm Analyzer
  • Temperature Depression Osmometer
  • pH & Conductivity meter
  • PCR
  • Multi-plated Bacteria Assessment
Data Trend Analysis

MPTI has developed a proprietary data storage and tracking software which enable data tracking over time in a safe and secure manner.

MPTI's Certified Fertility Reporter was developed to general comprehensive reports and enable visualization of samples over time. Clients are able to track their data through a custom portal. MPTI has leveraged this reporting and data storage to predict fertility potential of boars with 90% accuracy.