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GameteGuard Extender

Cooled Products
Frozen Products
  • GameteGuard®-CP (porcine)
  • GameteGuard®-ship (caprine)
  • GameteGuard®-flush (epididymal flush)
  • GameteGuard®-FP (porcine)
  • GameteGuard®-FB (bovine)
  • GameteGuard®-FC (caprine)
  • GameteGuard®-FO one-step (ovine)
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At Home Success

Environmental Sampling Kit

Make sure what you clean is actually clean! Just swab a surface and send it to our lab for sampling.

Small Ruminant Semen Collection Kit

Everything you need to collect your buck or ram at home. Now you can just send sperm for cryopreservation. This kit contains: Artificial vagina, AV liner, AV pump, collection cones, collection tubes, gloves, wipes, lubricant, warming bath and thermometer, instructions

Small Ruminant AI Kit

Use your frozen straws at home! This complete kit contains: Rod, sheaths, speculum, lubricant, gloves, instructions, thaw bath and thermometer, straw tweezers, disinfectant

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Small Ruminant Insemination Kit
Small Ruminant Collection Kit