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Membrane Protective Technologies, Inc. (MPTI) seeks to provide a competitive advantage to the US reproductive industry by providing natural, plant derived solutions to decrease damage induced by cooling and or freezing of cells with our GameteGuard™. 

This research and development company delivers patented and proprietary technologies to the reproductive marketplace thereby creating strategic wins for multiple levels of the andrological, assisted reproduction and cellular preservation industries.  
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Although not an industry that many people think about on a daily basis (or even an annual basis for that matter), reproduction truly is the basis for all our food production, as well as for genetic improvement that allows our current food needs to be met.

Consider, 604 pounds of dairy products are consumed by each person in the U.S. every year. All the required milk is produced by cows.  

Cows must be pregnant every year to give milk! There are about 9 mm cows in the U.S. This number has remained relatively constant for the past 10 years. This means that every cow produces more milk per year, an increase due to improved genetics.


MPTI’s suite of products (collectively GameteGuard™) includes patented technologies to protect sperm from the damages of freezing and thawing.  

It is the quality of the spermatozoa that most affects fertility therefore when sperm cells are protected, more survive freezing/thawing and those that survive are healthier and more likely to produce an offspring.  

GameteGuard™ improves post-thaw sperm quality attributes by 30-50% and improved fertility by a corresponding 10 to 25% in dairy heifer breeding trials.